With introductions to web sites, it is important not only to provide the necessary information, but also to indicate the relationship between the commercial entity and the web site visitor. This introduction, then, focuses on this commercial entity, the man behind it, and you as the visitor of this web site.

What is Nico van de Water Linguistic Services?

Nico van de Water Linguistic Services is an independent language consultancy bureau providing services in:

  • Translation
  • Linguistic localization (as opposed to localization engineering or localization project management)
  • Technical authoring
  • Editing / reviewing written material (including software strings prior to their localization)
  • Terminology building, maintenance and management

These services are characterized by professionalism, are of high quality, and are a direct result of a wealth of experience. Also, a number of these services can be (and often are) provided back to back, such as translation and editing, or technical authoring and terminology building / management, which can lead to significant cost reductions and shorter lead-times.

Who is Nico van de Water?

Nico is the man behind all these services. He has a solid background in language and linguistics, and ample experience in all the services provided. He has the technical and cultural know-how and expertise, has provided his services directly to companies such as IBM, DEC, and Microsoft, has lived and / or worked in several countries (Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Belgium, France and Germany), and has built up a CV extensive enough to impress even the most critical reader.

Who are you?

You are the visitor of this web site in search of information about me or my services and experience, or you are just browsing and landed here by accident. Whatever the case, welcome!

Perhaps your visit is not so accidental, in that you are actively looking for solutions to your translation, localization or other linguistic needs. In that case, browse all you want. And if you have any questions or just wish to discuss your requirements, [get in touch with me]. It would be nice to meet!

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